Programme Impact;Commando Joe's has increased national average point scores in Mathematics and English, as well as attendance and punctuality, and decreased problem behaviours.Teamwork is the Key;We aim to inspire young people through our experience of strong teamwork in the military, where a variety of skills are needed and each team member plays a vital role.Improved Behaviour;Positive behaviour in school  is vital for good attainment among pupils - and a feature of educational policy across the UK.Health and Wellbeing;Our main focus is on changing behaviours of learning - but we are much more than just an educational provider.Primary Schools;We know that nurturing self-esteem and resilience in Key Stages 1 and 2 can have a huge impact on young people’s attitude to education.Secondary Schools;In Key Stages 3 and 4, young people are encouraged to start thinking about the future – we see this as a prime opportunity to engage pupils and realise their potential.

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Our mission is simple - we understand the struggles faced by schools in Britain and we're here to help.

Delivering tailored programmes in schools across the country, our passion is to inspire young people with positive role models. We know how tough the teaching profession is and we can be that instrumental tool to help change behaviours in your school.

Despite our background we do not put a military ethos into schools, we work within your existing framework of standards, goals and values to ensure that each pupil realises their potential.

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After recognising the amazing difference we were making in schools, the Department for Education contacted us wanting to support our work. As part of their ‘military ethos’ budget, we’ve received annual
funding since 2010.

Behaviour;Our dedicated Commandos have already transformed thousands of pupils' lives, with tangible improvements in attendance, behaviour and attainment.Impacts;After one term with the Commando Joe’s intervention, the National Curriculum average points score was increased, click below for full report.Attainment;We know that schools are measured on attainment. We believe and have evidence to prove that our whole school approach model works.

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personal development

Established since 2009, we have delivered outstanding lessons in team building and developing self-confidence to thousands of children and young people; all activities are linked to the National Curriculum. We have been working in conjunction with Swansea University.

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