Commando Joe's;We are an elite team of military veterans on a mission to build character in schools.   We work together with teachers to help pupils to realise their full potential.Strength of Character;We aim to inspire young people through our experience of strong teamwork in the military, where resilience, excellence and determination are vital to overcoming any obstacle.What we can offer;We provide one-to-one mentoring, positive role models and a friendly face at the school gate. From team-building challenges to after school clubs, we tailor practical packages to suit your school.Making a Difference;Our instructors make a difference you can measure in your school. After just one term, National Curriculum scores are up and heads report better attendance and behaviour. Primary Schools;We offer a whole school approach to building character in Key Stages 1 and 2. Our instructors' unique programme of problem-solving challenges and fun activities will unleash the potential in pupils, whatever their abilities.Secondary Schools;Our instructors have the experience to equip pupils with the determination and resilience they need in Key Stages 3 and 4. From one-to-one support in class to help after school, we are there to help every pupil be their best.

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When it comes to building character and resilience in schools, there is nobody better trained than Commando Joe’s team of highly skilled instructors.

We employ military veterans from across the armed forces, who have shown bravery and strength of character in some of the most demanding situations.  We pick the best and we retrain them to go in to schools and pass their unique skill set on to the next generation.

Working alongside teachers in hundreds of schools across the UK, our instructors offer team-building, mentoring, discipline and encouragement in and out of the classroom. Practical help for pupils and teachers when it is needed the most.

Our mission is simple – when it comes to education we believe there should be no child left behind. Sign up now and help every child in your school realise their potential.​

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In recognition of the remarkable results Commando Joe's achieves in schools across the country, we have been funded by the Department for Education since 2010.

Behaviour;Our dedicated Commandos have already transformed thousands of pupils' lives, with tangible improvements in attendance, behaviour and attainment.Impacts;After one term with the Commando Joe’s intervention, the National Curriculum average points score was increased, click below for full report.Attainment;We know that schools are measured on attainment. We believe and have evidence to prove that our whole school approach model works.

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Established since 2009, we have delivered outstanding lessons in team building and developing self-confidence to thousands of children and young people; all activities are linked to the National Curriculum. We have been working in conjunction with Swansea University.

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